Cider queen (cyberry) wrote in confess_all,
Cider queen

Friends confession

Is there something about a friend that really bugs you, but you could never say (or you suspect mey be a bit unreasonable)?
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October 30 2005, 02:26:10 UTC 11 years ago

I can't tell her that I can't stand her.. I try to be her friend but all the complaining makes me want to yell at her and tell her to grow up.


January 3 2006, 01:21:43 UTC 11 years ago

Sometimes I really want to kill my best friend.
She arranged my birthday party ... so she could try and get one of my friends to dump his current girlfriend and go out with her instead.
She runs up to me and hugs me really violently. It hurts so much.
When she gets hyper she talks in a really high squeaky voice and flaps her arms and jumps up and down.
She is not a very nice person.

And worst of all
She is better than me at everything
And she never has to try


January 18 2006, 00:32:49 UTC 11 years ago

I have a friend who I like perfectly fine... besides the fact she couldn't keep a secret to save her life. She's always telling me things about what her and her boyfriend do, and she yells at me if I tell someone. But then she goes and tells her boyfriend EVERYTHING I tell her. Even if I specify that no one should know, she tells someone, usually her boyfriend.

And I feel as if I should be able to trust her. She's my best friend at my new school, but I can't tell her anything for the fear of it going around the whole school. Or at least the drum line, which is probably worse.


January 18 2006, 00:36:35 UTC 11 years ago

I have a friend who I like perfectly well... And I like her boyfriend too. But what I can't stand is her and her boyfriend together. It's not that I'm jealous of her for him, I have no sexual interest whatso ever in him. It's the fact that she does things that are "kinky", as she puts it, and comes and tells me everything she does. And then she tries to convince me that she AND her boyfriend aren't going to have sex until marriage. But just the other day he was dry humping her....

She also says that she loves him, but I don't think it's love at all. I think that she's a cock tease. And she has her boyfriend whipped, but they say he's not. And sure enough, he's is whipped. But it's a strange whipped. Like "Come have sex with me!" "OK!!!" kind of whipped.


January 25 2006, 07:52:17 UTC 11 years ago

i had a friend who is such a pathetic waste of flesh.
she fucks anything that moves and talks mad shit about everyone she knows, and yet i was the one to stick up for badmouth her ex when she got an STD even though she was the one fucking around on him, she's a shitty mother(we always had drinking parties at her place and then her son got dropped off the next morning so he's seeing all of the drunks and he drank what beer was left behind), she's using her current boyfriend for his car(he's overseas in iraq)...she's just a shitty girl.

i have another friend who got mad at me b/c she thought that i was fucking a guy in her bedroom.
truth be told he raped me in her room and i didn't tell her that was what happened b/c i don't actually want to admit it to myself.


April 10 2006, 00:55:19 UTC 10 years ago

we have been friends since the first grade and know each other well
He has been to jail and never can seem to keep himself out of trouble.
he has so many psychological issues that it scares the shit out of me and I want to talk to him but I try not to.
He hasn't even taken the hint that I don't want to talk to him, he still calls.
I really wish the friendship could work but I can't wait until I don't have to deal with him anymore. I'm not a social worker I'm not trained to deal with his deep issues.


August 3 2006, 15:55:06 UTC 10 years ago

I have three female friends who are all lovey dovey to each other's faces but if one of them isn't there, the other two bitch about them behind their backs.

When those LJ memes come around that allow you to make anonymous bitchy comments, they all proudly announce "if I want to insult someone, I'll say it to their face" without a trace of irony.

I wonder what they say about me. If I'm too cowardly to stand up to them I suppose I deserve what I get.
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