Ali (ali_in_london) wrote in confess_all,

A confession about debt

Are you in debt at the moment? Doesn't necessarily have to be a financial debt, could be a debt to someone who has helped you out with their time or energy. Do you think that you're going to repay that debt? Is it fair that you're in the situation of being in debt?

Conversely is anyone in debt to you? Do you think they'll ever repay you or have you just written it off as a "bad debt"? How do you feel towards that person who is in debt to you?
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September 14 2006, 19:58:10 UTC 10 years ago

I'm in financial debt. It is entirely my fault. Not necessarily "fair" as much of it is due to bank charges & so on. I do think I'll repay, but it may take some time. It's affecting my life more than I care to admit. Some of it is to people, and I feel incredible guilt about it. Some of it is to banks, and I worry about their agressive interest. I'm not far enough into debt to qualify for help from debt relief agencies, but I do not have a regular enough income to get, for example, a consolidation loan.

Nobody is in financial debt to me.

A few people are, I feel, in some sort of emotional debt to me. Some, I think, will repay when they are able. Others I have written off. I should not have allowed myself to give what I could not survive without. As with financial debts, it is better to give freely or not at all; but I thought that if I could just help enough, do enough, everything would be okay and then someone would look after my needs. Live and learn; I can't fix other people.

In one particular situation I made considerable financial sacrifices in order to retain enough flexibility to see someone regularly, and this appears to mean nothing to the person concerned.


October 4 2006, 18:52:03 UTC 10 years ago

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