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confess_all's Journal

Your secret confessions
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This is the community for sharing your secrets. It can be anything at all. A special space, purely non-judgemental, where you can get things off your chest.

Members may post suggestions for confessional themes; anyone may post their confession as a comment on that posting. "Anonymous" commenting is allowed; IP logging is switched off. If you wish to post your confession as a totally anonymous comment, feel free; that is, after all, the whole idea - and no one will be able to trace you. I must ask that you refrain from using names in your confessions however; we don't want any accusations of libel!

Don't post your own confessions as an entry here! There are enough communities out there already that allow you to do so! Only themes for confession may be posted; your confession must go as a comment to a confessional theme post.

No pictures please, though you may post links to photos. "Trigger" or disturbing links should be listed with a warning as to content.

Many thanks to reive who gave me the inspiration for this community, and to silverfiligree for leading me to Reive's original post that started it all!

Community maintainer: arkady