HairyEars (hairyears) wrote in confess_all,

Random damage

Have you ever secretly wished that you could turn up to work one morning and find the office building is gone?

Picture the scene: a police cordon with a huge smoking crater in the middle of it, the Fire Brigade in attendance and Men From The Ministry peering over the edge with monitoring equipment on a long, long pole.

What imaginary scenes of apocalyptic violence replace your place of work and the denizens therein?

...Asked hairyears, who left an 'Exit' interview last year with a sudden premonition that he'd locked the door behind him, and turned a great big valve to the London Intercepting Main... Turned and sneered in his best Bond Villain style as the office filled to the very top with sewage, stained tissues, dead rats, condoms, medical waste, half-eaten burgers, drowning managers and the cow from Human Resources, all swirling in the turbulence and bumping against the glass partition before disappearing in the murk forever.

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